Retro RPG
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Retro RPG is a watch face designed for the Fitbit Versa (Versa Lite and Versa 2). It's influenced by Retro Time from Jonathan George but I wanted it available in French (English is still available) and with EU metrics.

- The battery is the watch life so hearts is the way to go

- Calories are of course that big meat bone

- Armor can be many things and represents your heartrate

- Steps are the coins in your chest

- The distance is of course a Pegasus with a horn (who said unicorn ?)

- Your active minutes are the flaming torch

The watchface comes with many color themes and characters.

(Thanks everyone for the feedback and I'm aware you all want the Always-On-Display but as far as I know, for now, it's only available to a few "pro" developers and I'm not one of them unfortunately).

The watchface is and will stay free but consider a small donation, any help is appreciated :

Tags: 8-bit, fantasy, rpg, pixel, retro

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