Football Clock
Dean Nelson
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Track either 40/25 Play Clock or Game Clock.

40/25 Play Clock Features:

- 60, 40, and 25 second countdown timer

- start a timer by tapping it, or use the upper-right button to start 40 and lower-right button to start 25

- track team time-outs; if timeouts left, 60s timer is started

- play counter - the number of times 40 or 25 play clock is started and the ability to set the play counter manually

Game Clock Features

- start/stop the clock by tapping the clock, or use the upper-right button to start and lower-right to stop timer

- selected Quarter Length in minutes

- track home and visitor timeouts and scores, and quarter

- visible and haptic feedback at under 2:00 in Q2 and Q4; visible feedback under 1:00 and visible and haptic feedback the last 5 seconds

Back button (the left button)

- will go Back one screen w/o saving


- use the Settings button in Fitbit Apps

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