k kono
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A simple hand-free analog clock with a starlight background

The color of the starlight changes to green, yellow, red and blue base.

Click the upper left to specify the color.

The color change will be updated after lighting again.

There are simple animations (4 types)

Simple battery display (20% unit 10% (yellow mask))

The following items can be selected on the setting screen.

1. Turn off the background color selection function on the touch screen.

2.Background color selection

3. Date display (3 types)

To reflect the settings, redisplay the watch face.

Thank you Y.M.

Ver update: 1.3.0

Change the execution OS to 4.1

Add one animation

Additional setting function

Color select off (change with touch display)

Added date display (3 types)

Ver Update 1.1.0

Change execution OS to 3.0

Add animations (3 types)

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