Free Compass
Sarah Bass
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A Free Version of a Compass Simulator.

This app is based on values from Geolocation API using Heading for North, and is not accurate to Magnetic North or real Magnetic Compass Values. Must be moving to calculate GPS Heading Value. Turn on GPS in Settings and go outside for best results.

** Do not use this as a life saving or direction device. **

The purpose of this app is to show the following values on your watch:

GPS Coordinates : Latitude and Longitude

GPS Heading North Degree

GPS Speed m/s

Time in 24 and 12 hour Mode

Current Date Stamp

Battery Level

Compass automatically turns needle towards North based on GPS HEADING. Click center to see map view - the tiny needle is located at [0.0 LAT , 0.0 LON] for reference. The geographic position is provided in terms of World Geodetic System coordinates (WGS84).

Note: Some people cannot get their GPS to work easily. Without GPS, this app cannot tell you your location or the direction of North. Moving forward for one minute outside helps your watch connect to GPS.

Read how to allow GPS:

**Using GPS Drains Battery**

**Allow all Permissions for best results**

General & Utilities

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