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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A super Analog Radial face with dual display mode:

- Quick look, just see the time initially for simple time checking, followed by

- Long look, which shows time and live stats of Heart rate, Steps, Battery and Floors [best with default display timeout of 10s]

- Rewake [touch screen] within 3 seconds, the previous look is retained

Double tap heart rate to toggle whether display behaves with only Long look on watch wake or with dual mode.

Tap on Analog background to see Digital view, and tap on Hour to return to Analogue view

See full documentation for languages and Digital view configuration

mehrsprachige deutsche Kurzdaten

fechas abreviadas multilingües en español

dates multilingues français abrégées

italiano multilingue date abbreviate

meertalige Nederlandse verkorte data

flerspråklige norske forkortede datoer

flerspråkiga svenska förkortade datum

New April MMXX II V5.1.16 Sense, Versa 3, V4.1.17 Versa (not I_onic)

Inspired by secretary Nikki

SimpleClock series

offered byGuy


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