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the Fitbit mobile app
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Mimics the regular Light Clockface, while adding some useful additions.

- Top-left shows current battery charge.

- Top-right shows current (ISO 8601) week number of year.

- Bottom-left shows today's adjusted activity metric.

- Bottom-right shows most recent hour's adjusted activity metric.

- Optional haptic feedback on heart-rate zone changes (uses more battery).

- Top-left touch-zone toggles clock seconds display.

- Top-right touch-zone toggles analogue/digital clock display.

- Bottom-left touch-zone cycles activity type.

- Bottom-right touch-zone toggles activity percentage display (% of daily goal; % of hourly metric shown for 250 steps movement reminder).

- Colours can be configured via settings on phone.

Supports the following languages:

- English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish.

If language support is incorrect and you can help correct it, please contact developer.

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