FitBark Dog GPS & Health
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the Fitbit mobile app
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***This clock face requires a FitBark GPS, FitBark 2 or FitBark Dog Activity Monitor***

FitBark and Fitbit have teamed up to get you and your dog healthy together. Inspire each other and visualize your own health stats (including activity, distance and calorie expenditure) next to those of your dog – right on your wrist! If you have a FitBark GPS (U.S. only), this clock face also displays your pup's daily whereabouts, for added peace of mind.

We believe in a world where fitness happens on both ends of the leash. Dog parents in 140+ countries – as well as 100+ vet schools and research institutions – are using FitBark to monitor their pet’s activity, behavior, quality of sleep, pain, anxiety, skin conditions and share photos and adventures with friends and family.

Ready to get healthy together?

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