Summer Magic FREE
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

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This is the FREE version of Summer Magic clockface, now for Ionic devices too! To get the PAID version visit

The FREE version has 2 backgrounds, 6 colors and 5 fonts for time, date and stats. Only steps and active minutes available in the stats bar. Customize it the way you want from the clockface settings page inside Fitbit app.

Tap the screen center to change background image,tap the stats to switch between them.

Paid version features:

šŸŒ“ 20 amazing summer backgrounds!

šŸŒ“ multiple date formats!

šŸŒ“ 2 sizes for time and date

šŸŒ“ stats bar with battery, steps, bpm, active minutes, distance and floors (floors not available on Versa Lite)!

šŸŒ“ 30 colors for clock, date, stats, time and stats bar background

šŸŒ“ transparency level for time and stats bar

šŸŒ“ 24 fonts for time, date and stats

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Over 1 million combinations in the PAID version:


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