35 Holidays V3s
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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A Collective of 35 different Holidays Versa3/Sense Clockfaces

The Collective of 35 Holiday background images price = $3.00

Want real value $20 purchases all this developers 1100 clockface backgrounds. You will only be given this option when checking out from this page.

Bonus: buy 2 packages & get one package free on checking out

or get all 1100 clockfaces for $20

Cutting Edge Options within this Clockface or moneyback guaranteed.

This package stores all Clockfaces images on your watch for easy switching of background picture (switches image in less than 1 second).

35 Holidays clock-faces you Just tap screen activity text/data to rotate and view next activity.

It's so easy to change clock-face, just TAP upper left of watches screen to rotate clock-faces.

Change text colors of (time, date, steps, calories, distance, heart & azm) from your phone or digital device, accessed through your fit bit app.

1100+ Plus Clockfaces Versa3 & Sense

Developer (fiveones - https://rb.gy/bdj3kj) over 1100 Clock Faces -> store link -> https://rb.gy/bdvzsm or https://rb.gy/wlernq see prices get all 1100 plus clockfaces for only $20

Built: For Versa3 & Sense FitBit watches.

Built for all FitBit supported languages.

For use with Fitbit app on IOS & Andriod

click here for Versa2, Versa, Versa lite & Iconic equivalent clockfaces https://rb.gy/bdj3kj

easter, christmas, fathers day, mothers day, halloween, thanksgiving, valentines day, 4th of july, vacation, hot, popular, wanted, break, escape, summer, winter, fall, autumn, spring

This clock face requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.


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