Easter Magic FREE
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

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šŸ° Celebrate Easter with our unique Easter Magic FREE clockface! šŸ°


šŸ„š 3 background images (tap the top left corner to change it)

šŸ„š digital time 12/24H format

šŸ„š clock - 6 colors, 2 sizes, 24 fonts

šŸ„š date - 6 colors, 2 sizes, 24 fonts, 4 date formats

šŸ„š stats bar with active zone minutes, kcal, steps, distance (in km or miles), bpm, battery and floors (floors not available on Versa Lite)

šŸ„š set status bar bg color, opacity and stats color, 6 colors available (tap to change shown stats!)

Customize the clockface the way you want it from the clockface settings page inside Fitbit app! Over 1000 possible combinations!

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