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Sergio Azevedo
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the Fitbit mobile app

A Simple Fitbit application for Tennis games.

The app has only very basic features for tracking a tennis match.

version: 1.0.0 includes:

- Support to the new fitbitOS 5 (versa 3 and sense)

version: 0.2.0 includes:

- Bug fixes on game logic.

- The new "Change Sides" notification feature. (regular games and tie-break)

So you don't need to remember by yourself when it's time to change sides in the court.

And now you can concentrate even more on your game. =)

version 0.1.0 includes:

- Comprehensive support to Tennis Match logic (Points, Games, Sets) including deuces and tie-break situations.

- The ability to undo the last 5 actions during a game.

- A top status bar that allows the player to have an overview of the match (covering actual Set and Game Score)

- A big clickable point score display, to make player's life easier when it comes to keeping track of the points in the game.

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