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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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This product requires a one-time payment of $2.49. Or checkout the bundle for a significant saving: Payment handled by Kiezelpay.

"Fastest Today" tracks your fastest running times over three distances and displays your best performance in real time. Records for your last run and for your best performance overall are stored and displayed in settings of the Fitbit app.

To prevent accidental pauses through tapping the screen, tap is disabled when running:

• Press the back button and then tap the screen to pause your run.

• Press the back button twice to end your run.

Use the Fitbit app to configure your display and to choose the distances you want to track. Then tap the screen to start your run and the app will create a standard exercise record in the same way as the standard Fitbit exercise app.

Configurable features include:

1. Customise the display in settings – display is speed/pace, heartrate and your choice of: Current clock time, Distance run, Run duration, Number of steps, Number of calories burnt.

2. Choose between pace display or speed display.

3. Change the screen layout – choose which field you want to give focus.

4. Choose the distances you want to track. Your choice of:

“Metric”: 400m, 800m, 1km.

“Statute”: quarter-mile, half-mile, 1 mile.

“Middle distance”: 800m, 1500m, 1 mile.

“Long distance”: 3km, 5km, 10km.

“Mixed”: 1km, 1 mile, 5km.

“Mixed long”: 5 miles, 10km, 10 miles.

(Other distances may be available if you need them. Please use the “email me” button in settings if you would like to see distances that are not listed above.)

🙋 I have included an email link in settings so you can let me know directly about anything you think I need to know about this app or any problems you encounter.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Good reviews are always welcome, bug reports should be sent directly to me - I cannot fix any problems unless you tell me about them! 😊 | | |

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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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