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Third in my "Chrono" series offering chronograph functionality with minutes and seconds dials:

- Start/stop the timers with the top right button

- Reset the timers with the bottom right button

At the corners: steps, heart rate, distance (in miles or km depending on user profile settings) plus a choice bottom right.

Within the clock: battery level and the date, plus the 2 timer dials.

The battery arc changes color depending on the level: red if < 20%, amber 20%-50% and green > 50%.

Configuration options:

1. Hide second hand

2. Hour markers as numbers or ticks

3. Activity choice bottom right: calories, floors or active minutes

4. Option to set display to always on - only use during the period being timed, then switched back off to save battery.

This was developed from 'FullChrono' at a request from A.J.Lebeau.

If you like this, or any of my clockfaces, you can encourage me to do more by donating via PayPal at:

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