Nev Rawlins
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Watchface inspired by Vario Nato Sky Pyramids watchstrap. Time & date shown on the sides of inner pyramids.

Time: Top pyramid shows the hour with 5 lines either side changing to navy blue from bottom up. At the peak of the hour is an AM/PM indicator (navy blue for PM). 10-minutes show in the same way on the left hand pyramid below this with lines from the 2 sides joined to form 5 markers. Single minutes shown on the right hand pyramid (9 lines changing).

Date is shown below the time in the same way. Months at top. 10-days below on left and single days on right.

Information around the edges hidden with a double tap which also makes the display more cryptic. Double tap to switch back.

Always-on Display compatible – requires Versa 2 with AOD enabled.

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