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Presenting RPN Calculator, the first RPN calculator for Fitbit!

RPN stands for Reverse Polish Notation, and has been around for a while, though it's mostly favored by financial analysts. A key advantage of RPN is that operations occur in an entirely consistent manner, it does not require parenthesis, and allows you to fix your mistakes without wiping out your entire calculation!

Let's learn RPN!

Example: 1 + 5





You'll see a "6"—want to do another operation on that number? Just start typing another number!



..and you'll see an "8". Wow!

There’s a lot more cool stuff you can do, but I’m nearly at the length limit for app descriptions!

For example, you can use the x↔️y swap function to fix things if you enter numbers in the wrong order!

RPN Calculator is also open source!


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