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As many Chinese, most watches do not give all the information we need about the calendar. They won't tell when is Winter Solstice. They won't tell when is our new year. They won't tell when is Mid-Autumn. But with smart watches that we can write our app and use ones written by others, we get a chance.

This app displays the same day in both the western (Gregorian) and Chinese lunar calendar. The 24 solar terms are also shown if it occurs on a day being displayed. You can choose to use Chinese characters using the app settings in the mobile phone.

You can move around the dates as follows:

* Move forward and backward by 1 day, 7 days, 30 days or 365 days by swiping on the dates (hint: try diagonal swipe apart from horizontal/vertical).

* Move to a solar or lunar calendar date by tapping on the dates.

* Move to a solar term date by tapping on the solar label.

* Move to today by the button of that name.

Unluckily, some of the year names are not displayable in Versa if written correctly, so they are substituted with a character looking similar. One character of the solar terms don't have suitable replacement so the missing character symbol is shown. You're warned.

This is an open-source project. The source code and latest development can be found at:

The released version can be installed from the Fitbit gallery app site with:

* SDK 4.2:

* SDK 5.0:

The development version can be installed from the Fitbit gallery app site with:

* SDK 4.2:

* SDK 5.0:

Change log

* 0.5.0: Add Fitbit SDK 5.0 support

* 0.4.0: Show full solar term string; allow moving to any date supported directly; allow moving to a solar term

* 0.3.0: Solar term support

* 0.2.2: Renamed as Chinese Calendar

* 0.2.1: Flexible swipe, prevent overflow

* 0.2.0: Chinese year name, make swipe direction natural

* 0.1.0: Initial version

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