Nicholas Conrad
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

A simple clockface that elegantly blends digital and analog functions.

Change the color of the background and/or clockface elements from the companion app settings.

*Overlapse is no longer under active development*


v 1.0.x -

- Changed ordering of time elements (hours now closest to center) to

align with analogue watch hand conventions

- Restructured app based on SDK-Moment architecture

- Added corner widgets:

* Date / month element

* Day of week element

* Fitness data elements

* Heartrate sensor element

- Corrected bug preventing activities from updating correctly

- Added screenshot management (developer only)

v 0.7 (beta)

- Added Ionic support

Future development goals:

- Weather indicator

- Improved styling of day-of-week and date elements

- Enhance style of transparency gradient over status elements

- Add option to fix time element orientation

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