Perimeter Paris
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Perimeter Analog and Digital clock face featuring images of Paris


- Designed for Sense and Versa 3, tested on Sense

- Shows battery percentage, heart rate (when display is active), Steps

- Day is shown as conventional English contractions

- Date format is fixed at YYYY.MM.DD

- Analog Time can optionally be displayed as a circle for Hours, square for Minutes

- Digital Time can optionally be displayed as Hours on the left, Minutes on the right

- All data are concentrated around the perimeter

- This allows the image to be the focus point

- Each datum may be custom coloured via the companion app

- Digital and Analog time share colour settings

- The default image may be replaced by uploading another from the user's phone

- The default image is a random selection of 16

- The peripheral Analog markers adjust for 12/24 hour preference

- The 24 hour Analog clock uses the noon at top convention

- Based on "Perimeter ADB"

- All photos taken by the author

Touch anywhere on the lower half of the watch face to select another library image. There is a 5 second delay. Your custom image is NOT in the rotation. Any custom image will reload on watch reload, for example if you switch to an App and back.

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