Modern and Simple
Sakin Kirti
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the Fitbit mobile app
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This clockface is a clean and professional look that allows you to also pay attention to your health. With your stats right on your wrist, it is easy to stay on track with your goals to make sure you're hitting your stride each and every day. The clean, professional look means people will ask where that watch face came from.


- This app uses connected gps in order to track the weather based on your location. Therefore, please have the fitbit app running in the background on your mobile device to ensure that the clockface works properly

- In order to save battery, the heart rate monitor will only begin reading to update the clockface when the screen is on. It may take a few seconds to start up

Update 2.0.1:

- Updated look to create more modern appearance

- Ability to change temperature from ºC to ºF

- Changed Active Minutes to Active Zone Minutes

- Included battery percentage next to weather



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