Retro Digital Watch
Brad Wall
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Free digital clock for your Fitbit.

Features include:

- Easy to read time.

- View current temperature of the location you are at (turn on in Settings).

- Quick glance at your battery. Tap battery icon to view the percentage of battery left.

- Tap the stats area to change what stat you are viewing.

- Ability to change color theme on the watch face without having to go to your settings (turn on in Settings).

- Added Dark Mode color option. Tired of being blinded at night when looking at your watch? This dark color scheme will let you see the time without a bright color blinding you.

If you turn on the temperature, the watch will get your current location from your phone and attempt to get the temperature of your location. This happens every 30 minutes. You can turn this feature on or off in the Settings for the watch.


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