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the Fitbit mobile app

--- Update (Sep 17) : Bug fix for photo upload issue ---

Completely Free Picture Viewer App!

Use cases:

- View your favorite photos

- QR code or Bar cord viewer (Apple wallets, Member cards, Tickets, etc..)

- To Do list, Train/Bus timetable that you took screenshots in your phone

- And more pictures you have in your phone!

How to use:

1. Launch EasyPics App on your Fitbit (Support Ionic and Versa)

2. Open Fitbit App then go to EasyPics setting page in your phone

3. Select Picture quality level (Low/Mid/High)

4. Pick your favorite pictures

5. You can find the pictures in your wrist!


- Max 8 pictures storage

- Reader Mode(Up button) : Good for QR/Bar cord viewer (Disable Auto off and Max Brightness)

- Remove Mode(Down button) : Remove pics you selected


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