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AlertMe alerts the user when their Heart Rate goes above a set Heart Rate Limit (which can be set using the UI). The user will be alerted using haptic vibrations, and the screen displays animations during this event. This app can be used during fitness exercises, sleep, or even everyday activities for this purpose.

How to use:

1) Set the Heart Rate Alert value by touching the plus and minus icon. This will increase and decrease Alert value respectively, and will save the configuration.

2) When your Heart Rate goes above the set Alert value, the heart icon will start bouncing on the screen, and you will feel the vibration from the Fitbit device. To snooze this alert, just touch the bouncing heart, and the alert will be snoozed for 2 minutes.

3) Click on the cyan AlertMe title at the top to display time and date. You can switch back & forth with this.

Note: To be alerted, you will need to leave the app open on your Fitbit device.

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