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Steps2Go is a simple step tracker that counts down the number of steps taken towards a set goal. The name is derived from "Steps to go until goal is reached"

Set a step goal big or small and the step counter will count down to zero and alert you when you're finished.

- Hitting Less or More will raise or lower the step goal accordingly by 50.

- You may hold in the button to rapidly change the goal.

- You may set the goal as low as 50 or as high as 10000

This app will wake the screen every 60 seconds which can be useful. Of course, you're always welcome to manually wake the screen to check your progress. While the Fitbit screen is on, this app will update the counter every 2.5 seconds. While the screen is off, the counter is updated every 10 seconds.

I was walking one day and the idea and need for this app popped in my head. This is my first Fitbit app, and I designed it out of the blue. It's nothing fancy, but it has helped me and that's all that matters. I am a goal oriented person, so while raising my steps, it helps to set a goal, such as get up and walk 1000 steps.

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