Matt Nicholls
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A recreation of James Bond's watch from the 90s classic game, Goldeneye 64 for the Nintendo 64 (N64).

- The 'health' meter will show your heart rate based on your resting state and maximum heart rate.

- The 'armour' meter shows your progress towards your daily goal.

- The 5 bars at the bottom show how much battery you have left.

- The 'Mission Status' text shows if you have completed your goal.

New in v2

- Added setting to pick goal type for the Armour meter from Steps, Distance, Zone Minutes, Calories, Floors

- Added setting to pick from a range of date formats

- Optimisations of codebase


- Add the analog clock to the background and, if possible, as an Always-on-Display.

Feel free to send suggestions via the contact link


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