Johnny Bravo cartoon
Aditya Mahajan
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Johnny Bravo is an American animated comedy television series known throughout the globe. Since childhood, I have been a great fan of him. To show my love, I have created a Versa clock face. In the clock face, I have added his 3 images. Images are being assigned towards the left while the text is towards the right. On clicking on the screen, the image will change randomly from the respective 3 images. Similarly, the bottom text would be changed accordingly. Along with the view, I have added hours, minutes, and date features to help people see the date easily, as on many watch faces they are not available and we have to check apps to know the current date. As of now, I have added just the steps count, heart rate, calories count, and distance traveled in kilometers.

If you ❤️ my work, you can buy me a coffee by donating via PayPal at PayPal.Me/adityamahajan263.

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