Night Time
Richard Gee
8 デバイス
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NOW with configurable statistics - clock face supporting a dimmed, orange night mode during configurable night-time period, with choice of statistics and animated heartbeat.

Shows time, date (configurable format), progress rings for up to four of steps, floors, calories / kilojoules, active minutes, distance (m, km or miles), plus battery state.

One stat can also be made bigger by tapping on it, for those of us with deteriorating eyesight :-(

If you like this a donation would be appreciated:


* Choice of statistics to show

* Date format in various styles with day, month or year first, four or two digit year

* Start and end of night-time period (set equal to turn off the night-time colouring)

* Heartbeat animation on or off

* Clickable stats for enlargement

* Daytime text colour

* Nighttime text colour

* Note - 12h/24h is taken from the user's profile setting