Banana Time
David Gomez
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You are an elegant and modern human. You know that the future is bananas and that peak fashion can only be achieved by those with that perfect yellow fruit on their wrist. Bananas provide your daily dose of potassium but this clock face provides your daily dose of style. "Why would I ever want a banana just sitting there on my wrist"? You are right, only a boring fool would accept such a dull adornment on their body. That is why this banana ticks with every second, this is no lazy monkey chow, this is a naturally wrapped treat that's always in motion, going places, just like you. Oh, and you better believe those bananas are GMOs, you get science. You get a lot of things, like the fact that the 24 hour clock is blatantly superior to the 12 hour clock and it's time to move on which is why this clock goes all the way up to 24:00 or well actually 0:00 but you get the point. What you don't get is what day it is today which is why that's at the bottom so you don't forget. Good luck and enjoy

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