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Simple digital clock face showing time, day, date, place / GPS coordinates, steps, floors, heart rate and outside temperature / altitude. Press and hold anywhere on the screen to open Stats window.

New in 1.0:

- First version for Versa 3 and Sense

The temperature is taken from Openweathermap. The place name is taken from Openweathermap or Google (selectable). Please obtain a key at Openweathermap ( and/or Google ( and enter it in the settings of the clockface. For displaying GPS coordinates / altitude no keys are required and no internet access is done.

The place name and weather information are updated regularly. When the information is outdated, for example when there is no internet connection, the information is displayed in grey.

Layout inspired by 'Zoned' by Santiago Correa.

Icons not from Fitbit are made by Freepik from

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