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My Sleep Animal
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Keep your Sleep Animal on your wrist for an easy way to understand your sleep patterns at a glance. Each month, your clock face updates to show which animal reflects your long-term sleeping trends.

To help you stay on track, your Sleep Animal follows a sleep schedule, too. You’ll see them wake in their natural habitat at 9 am, and wind down for the night at 9 pm.

Not logged much sleep recently? You’ll see a mix of different Sleep Animals until your personalized animal is ready. You can learn more about sleep animals, and track your progress in the Fitbit app.

- Display: digital

- What you see: Along with your personal Sleep Animal, you’ll see the date, your steps, heart rate, and sleep duration.

What you’ll need:

- Latest version of FItbit OS

- Latest version of the Fitbit mobile app

The “My Sleep Animal” clockface requires more frequent charging.


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