Radial CGM
Richard Johnson
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Simple analog watch face, targeted toward Diabetes patients using Spike, Xdrip+, or other CGM apps uploading to NightScout; or others who would simply like daily reminders, such as pill reminders. Same additional functions as "Orbits NS" and "Analog CGM" watch face, but with 11 hour radial graph of BG info:

1) Ability to program up to 10 daily reminders with custom text for each one with configurable snooze times.

2) Interface to Nightscout for displaying Blood glucose information.

3) Configurable high and low glucose alarms with configurable "suppress" times.

4) Configure a maximum amount of change from one blood glucose value to the next, in order to be warned of quickly rising or falling trends.

5) Ability to display glucose info for 11 hours, including IOB and COB.

6) Ability to quiet all communication warnings for a length of time (for swimmers, hot tub, etc.)

7) Ability to quiet all communication warnings for a range of times, such as while sleeping.

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