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the Fitbit mobile app

International In Case of Emergency (ICE) app to show relevant Medical, health conditions and contact details on your watch.

For best use - Install the app and move the launch icon to the first app launch screen on the watch. Press and hold and drag it to the first screen, or assign it to a button press.

Useful for responders if your phone is not available or locked, or flat or not configured for ICE

Full documentation and tips:

In the Fitbit App, Gallery [or Apps] tile, scroll to the ICE app, click on Settings and enter the important information you want to be available to those assisting you in an emergency

You can add a text and/or add images of special importance. Tap on the watch to show the next item, or scroll left/right.

For the text display, scroll up/down to see more

To create and format the text to fit the watch face compose it in a draft email or somewhere on your phone, add a full stop on the end of each line. Copy the text and paste it in the first box for this and click Save.

It may take several attempts to get the presentation as you want it. [Natural line breaks are replaced by blanks by the OS.]

Note: if the optional text is added it will always show first, if only images are loaded the last displayed will show when the app is started.

Be patient when loading stuff to the app, to allow the handshaking to complete

New January MMXX III V4.2.09 (Ionic & Versa's), or V5.2.09 (Sense & Versa 3)

(Swiss made, in the land of clocks & chocolates)

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