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Free test utility app to aid developers trying out the various vibrate patterns with different number of repetitions and delays between each cycle.

Can help anyone test for watch faults and watch vibration sensitivity on all watches; Ionic, all Versa and Sense.

Verify the length of each pattern in order to make sure that each vibrate is performed without clashing with a previous one.

Can choose each of the 8 possible vibration patterns, which comes with the default pattern delay but can be adjusted manually.

Number of completed vibrations should match the number of requested ones.

Increase the delay [each number represents 5 ms, EG. 16 means 80 ms] tap the vibrate button, until the completed number = the number of vibrations selected which means no clashes were encountered.

Select any of the 3 fields at the top, and scroll by tapping + or -.

Long press on + or - gives continuous modification.

Press Stop to stop vibration or scrolling.

If your watch delay differs significantly from the default there may be a problem with the watch or a new firmware update has corrected the vibration for your watch.

[Repeat, Duration and Strength reserved for future use]

See haptics analysis & full description

New August MMXX I - V4.3.03 (Ionic & Versa's), V5.3.03 - (Sense & Versa 3)

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