Situational Awareness
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2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Situational Awareness provides total awareness of your situation. All health stats are immediately visible on the clock face. You can hide the battery indicator if desired and also cycle through 10 preset color schemes for the clock face, along with choosing a custom color scheme via the settings.


+ Toggle black/textured background, lock color scheme, apply custom colors.

+ All daily activity stats: Use setting to move to the right side!

+ Click anywhere on the activity stats area to show daily goals.

+ Progress bar towards your goals & star for reaching goal.

+ Current heart rate (HR) with animated icon & resting HR

+ Ring around heart icon shows HR as a percentage of estimated max HR.

+ Day, time ( 12 / 24 hour based on your Fitbit settings), date.

+ Day of week/month localized to 12 languages.

+ Battery indicator: Click on the day to toggle or use setting to always show!

+ Click on the time to cycle through 10 color schemes!


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