Ring of fire
k kono
5 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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An analog clock of a ring with a flame ring.

Simple battery gauge, date display

Thank you Y.M.


3 types of animation, ON, OFF

Battery indicator large, small, OFF

5 types of line color

6 types of clock hands

Update ver 2.3.2

 Rebuild because it doesn't work properly in compatibility mode

 Versa 3, Sense only

 Bonus: Clock hands (sun, moon)

Update: Ver 2.3.0

bug fix (line draw error)

add animation type 3 (Fire Ball ) ,ALL

add Flame Color (Blue)

Update: Ver 2.2.0

Change execution OS to 4.1

Addition of setting function

Review of dial

Add one animation

Add one battery marker

Added 5 types of clock hands

offered byk kono


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