Days of the Week
BV Designs
8 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Clockface which displays full date, time and weather status. The time appears in 12 or 24 hour mode depending on your Fitbit account settings. The bluetooth icon serves as the connection indicator. It disappears when disconnected. Vibrations with each connection status.

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There's a different customised phrase for each day of the week!! Just add the phrase you wish to display after each current day of the week. Language support for dates (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch).

- AOD enabled (Versa 2 only) (may affect battery)

Weather location, temperature and conditions are also displayed, and provided by OpenWeatherMap. Choice of frequency updates. Configurable temp unit.

Configurable date format, weather provider, temperature unit, foreground and background colour options. Tap to rotate battery level, steps and heart rate.


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