Hike Altimeter
Leigh Potter
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Versa hiking app to track elevation changes during a hike.

To use, just start the app before beginning the hike, and let it track progress during the day.

The main screen allows you to track a new hike, or review previously recorded hikes.

Hike tracking includes:

- Current Time

- Elapsed Hike Time

- Number of Steps

- Current Elevation

- Total Vertical Ascent

- Distance

Supports :

- Calibration to correct elevation using the right side up / down buttons

- Distance / elevations support English or Metric units

- Histogram(s) of elevation changes during the hike

+ Main hiking screen shows just the last hour

+ Swiping left on the main screen shows the last 5 hours on two screens.

+ When reviewing a previously recorded hike, the entire hike is displayed on one screen (10 hour max)

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