Analog with weather
Pawel Wojtaszko
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app


Clock can be customized in settings:

- User can turn on weather feature and configure it.

- User can disable default HR indicator.

- User can choose 4 statistics that will be displayed in choosen clock corners.

- All customization is saved in watch memory.

To use weather you need to use your own generated api key which you can create for free on

After creating key fill setting in FitBit app on your phone.

Supports all temperature units.

Displaying all statistics quick view.

If weather is not loading for you try these steps on your phone:

- turn on bluetooth and connect to internet

- open phone battery settings and disable all battery optimizations for fitbit application

- open phone settings -> applications and find fitbit app, allow permissions to work in background.

Weather feature is well tested and ready.

Always on display is partially prepared. I'll continue when FitBit will allow me to add AOD. For now I have no power to add it.

This is my only one ( and first ) clock face. I'll be happy to upgrade it for you. Just let me know.

1.2.0 changelog:

- Settings that affects displaying elements like statistics in corners are now saved in watch memory and restored after every clockface restart.

- Improved weather fetching.

- If user configured weather properly but there is no connection between watch and phone, 'no bluetooth' icon is displayed.

- Automatic going back to clock from weather forecast after lock screen.

- Performance improvements.

1.2.0 changelog:

- Fixed refresh icon behind 'no bt' icon.


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