NinePhoto Nature-Daily
Andor Czafik
8 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

šŸ†“ - Completely FREE clockface, no trial, no payed features, just FREE

šŸ–¼ļø - Changing the background image Daily

šŸ“¦ - Working with Zero Setup

šŸ”‹ - Configurable icons in the upper left corner: Actual HR, Today's steps, Weather download error icon, Battery w/o percentage

šŸ¦ - Default image provider is my Nature Gallery from

šŸ“… - Many other image providers you can choose, and even Divide them into times of Day

šŸ“· - You can Upload Photos (9 images) from your phone too

āš™ļø - Settings page for Fine Tuning

ā˜ļø - Weather providers: Yahoo (default) and OpenWeatherMap

ā„¹ļø - When you tap on the screen, info (status) rows will appear at the bottom

šŸ“œ - When you double tap on the screen, the description for image is shown with other extra info rows at the bottom

šŸ‘† - What kind of extra info is displayed depends on which part of the screen you tapped (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT)

šŸ”Ø This program is completely free. Please, if you can, support my work.


offered byAndor Czafik


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