2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Special clock face for left handed people wearing the watch with display inverted on the right arm (to protect from accidental button action during normal use),

⭐️ Best free ALL in one professional clock for Sense & Versa 3

with choice of both Analog and Digital views, Day Move reminders [> 14 hours allowed], also supports reminders for Night Shift workers, Nurses & Medical staff.

Note: Only clock face functions are rotated.

See full description:


Choose Classic or Roman numerals,

Choose optional night mode and,

mini embedded digital display of Time or Date


Large 12/24hr display with seconds and most values +

Reminders to move at 40', 50' & 55 minutes [even during Night work is possible]

Reminders to Drink + count of drinks

Special Features:

🌚 Dark theme mode [for better battery efficiency]

Minimal navigation

Super Battery saving & monitor battery health +

estimated time to 100% charged, with finish alert

Low Battery alert reminder, [from < 17%]

Battery charge statistics

Steps This Hour & all Day History,

Auto switch to show Active Hours

Watch usage info

Scrollable logs for Watch info, Battery charges and Drinks

Choose any Reminder hours range [including more than 14 hours], Choice of colours

Mostly Autonomous, for efficiency

About screen shows your Fitbit watch type, Time Zone setting & Time last synced.


Always On clock during charging

Hydration reminder to drink water + count

🔔 hourly Chime & Pulse

Night shift or day, Move hours & reminders

"Always On" toggle [use sparingly] to extend screen timeout temporarily

Quick Operations guide:

- Tap digital Hour for the Analog view, analog hub for the Digital view

- Tap Heart rate to switch Digital view:

1) Main view shows:

🔋 Battery%

👣 Steps This Hour / Active Hours,

👟 Active Minutes,

🕒 Time,

📅 Day & date.

💗 Heart Rate & pulse,

🪜 Floors,

👣 Steps

2) Next view shows:

Active Hours today / max possible,

📏 Distance,

🔥 Calories

3) Settings 🚦 view:

Select multiple options

click ✅ on ❌Off,

Access Watch usage info & history

New September MMXX I V5.5.3L

(Swiss Made, in the land of clocks)


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