Multi Photo Clock Plus
Taek Lee
3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Thanks for using my Multi Photo Pro clock face. Please contact me if you have any issue, question or suggestion. Please donate via, if you like my clock face.

Details of all the features:

- Disable Settings menu when communication fails

- 2 Time Formats

- 2 Date Formats

- 12 Text Colors

- Download multiple images via Image picker(one at a time). *Downloading takes time

- Change Image cycle hour

- Change images by double clicking left side or right side of screen

- Press and hold screen for more than 1 second to enter image pick mode(more than one image)

- Change Arrow location(Image Pick Mode)

- Single click changes stats(steps, calories,floors(Versa only) and distance).

- Buttons to delete all or current image

- Support Multi languages for date

- Toggle Vibrate hourly

- Display Time in center when there is no downloaded image

Please visit for more details.

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