Photo Album Watch Face
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Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Select your favorite pictures on your phone as a Fitbit Photo Album Watch Face.

The watch will automatically cycle through the pictures in your Photo Album or you can tap left/right to see the next picture.

Tap the time display to get the current date, steps, elevation gain and calories.

Please watch the video:

On the Fitbit Clockface: tap the "..." button and then the Download button to download new pictures from your phone.

The Photo Album Watch Face can be used without connection to your phone.

But you need the phone app "Photo Album Watch Face" to download new pictures to your watch (available in iPhone App Store and Google Play Store).

Please be patient when downloading photos, the Fitbit is slow.

The Fitbit phone app "Sync" step, shown in the video, is very important. Don't skip it and make sure that the Photo Album clockface is closed during the Sync.

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