Ade Russell
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CLARITY by Ade Russell

* Digital watch face designed to be very easy to read for those who need glasses, with custom colours for hours on main screen and second time zone.

* This clock face is free. If you like it and use it, please consider buying me a coffee by making a donation to via PayPal

* Bold text with seconds also visible. Date time and primary goal stats are on the main screen. Option to show Heart Rate on home screen in Versa 3/Sense version

* One tap enlarges the date and primary goal to make them easily visible. A second tab shows all the other activity stats and heart rate - all in a large easy to read font

* Tap in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to switch timezones

* Double tap in the top right hand corner to enter the new timezone setup screen without an internet connection (for example when on a plane).


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