Loopy Donuts
Rhonda Hill
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app
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Loopy Donuts šŸ©šŸ©šŸ© - digital watch face for Fitbit Versa and Sense devices.

10,000 Loopy Donuts managed to escape the shelves of boring, stale corporate donut shops. One donut landed here šŸ©..


ā€¢ Date & Time, Heart Rate, Active Zone Minutes and Daily Steps

ā€¢ Battery Bar

ā€¢ Time in 12/24 hour. Please visit your Fitbit dashboard online to change your setting!

This watch face is free. If you like this watch face please share on Instagram & Twitter - #Made4FitBit

Get your own Loopy Donut - https://loopydonuts.io/


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