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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.
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The rock paper scissors challenge, you can choose between two modes:

- Real Mode: one hand on your Smartwatch against your hand.

- Virtual Mode: two hands on the Smartwatch, the right is yours and the left is your opponent.

• Autosave of the high score and the settings that you choose.

• Display battery level in real time.

• Vibration effect, enabled by default.

• No internet needed.

• The required permissions (Cluster Storage and Internet) are only used for the payment process.


• You can change the settings by going to the (My Apps) section in the Fitbit app, then select the settings from "Shifumi" app.

• You can disable the vibration, choose between the two modes, or reset the high score.

• In the Real Mode, click on the screen to start, then select the result in the block displayed on the right of the screen (win, draw or lose).

• In the Virtual Mode, you choose one of the three hands displayed at the bottom of the screen, the result in this case is calculated automatically.

• If you win, your level at the top of the screen increases by one and the high score increases if the new level exceeds it.

• If you lose, one of the three hands displayed at the top of the screen is toke off, if all three hands are toke off, you lose the game.

• Note: changing the mode from settings, does not delete the level reached.

" Shifumi " costs $ 1.45 (lifetime purchase) after the one hour trial period has ended.

Payment by K-Pay (PayPal or debit / credit cards) go to and add the code you see on your Smartwatch. If already purchased, go here

For any questions, please contact us.

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This app requires a payment that is managed by the developer in-app.

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