N7 Digital
Psywerks Studios
4 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

ATTENTION: This clock face is not longer updated and may not support new features or be stable in newer versions of Fitbit OS. Please use at your own risk.


N7 themed digital clock with date, battery level, and other stats.

Inspired by a video game that has a massive effect on my life :)

Goal progress bars are animated when the screen turns on and at the start of each minute. Animations can be disabled in the clockface settings to extend battery life.

This is a free clockface. If you love using it and would like to see more like this in the future, please donate to my coffee fund: paypal.me/psywerks

Thanks and enjoy!

v1.2.2 - minor update to use the latest SDK and add Versa 2 support


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