Fair Tides
6 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

View the daily tide chart courtesy of NOAA (USA only). Weather conditions and forecast available via NOAA or OpenWeatherMap weather services.

Use your watch to switch between tidal charts, tidal/sunrise information, and forecasts. Tapping on the top-right of your watch switches to the next screen, and tapping on the top-left goes to the previous screen.

Custom settings allow you to select which tide monitoring station to choose, how often to update the weather conditions, whether to have the chart display the current time, and more. You can also display a bar on the charts at a certain level (such as four feet), since some sailors need to know when they can launch their boats.

Fair Tides is available both as a watchface and an app. The app also uses the up and down buttons to switch between screens (if available).

This app is published FREE since there was not enough memory to add a paywall. Please consider a PayPal donation of $3 to mclark@gorges.us. Thank you!


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