Swim Trainer
Swim Trainer
2 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

Guided Workouts: No more wet paper - load your workouts on your smartwatch and get guided during swimming.

Track & Analyze: Every swim can be analyzed in depth on your smartphone.

Huge Library: More than 50 workouts, structured training plans and drills – and more to come.

Get That Record: Keep track of your personal bests and averages for every distance, stroke and drill.

Make Progress: Enroll in structured plans to get faster and stronger.

Fully Customable: Create your own workouts, drills and training plans.

Android or iOS App is needed:



Setup help: https://swim-trainer.online/docs/how-to-connect-a-fitbit/

Full documentation: https://swim-trainer.online/docs/

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