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the Fitbit mobile app

Free utility App - a great tool to check up on the health of your watch, in case there are problems, especially with notifications due to sync or connectivity issues, or simply see immediately when it last synced without having to open your phone.

Smart dual check for both Sync and Phone connectivity

Auto check when view displayed

Find your Watch type and color

Find your Watch Firmware version and current watch language

Checks how well it is syncing, especially useful when its not working as intended.

Checks your current Battery level percentage [orange or red indicates low]

Checks your current time zone chosen, in case it's not the correct one

Checks if the phone is connected, or connectable, important for notifications and calls to work.

Can find your phone if it is connectable and the Find My Phone App is loaded and working.

A green tick - things seem ok

A red cross - may be something isn't optimal

To refresh the displayed sync information tap the screen

To recheck your connection tap the text, if it fails the next test will be extended by 10 seconds.

Scroll left/right to reach the different test views

If the connection test fails more than once, fix the issue with the phone.

After the phone issue has been resolved it is necessary to restart this app to confirm if it is working correctly.

To close: tap the ✅ or ❌, or press the back button to exit.

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New May MMXX II - V4.2.12 (Ionic & Versa's), V5.2.12 - (Sense & Versa 3)

(Swiss made, in the land of clocks & chocolates)

From the SimpleClock / SimpleApp series =

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