3 devices
Available to install from
the Fitbit mobile app

The Orb is a sleek and simple clockface that still displays all your data. A bonus feature is the time counter you can activate from the top right corner. For feedback contact @supeerbcom on Twitter.

If you like the Orb you can buy me a cup of coffee by donating via PayPal at: https://paypal.me/supeerb or visit http://www.supeerb.com/fitbit for more apps and clock faces.


- Current weather conditions. Tap the top left corner to toggle between the date and the weather. Enabled in the settings.

Current features:

- All available data from your Ionic displayed as circle graph. Tap the graph to change the displayed data.

- Time counter - tap the top right corner to activate

- Battery indicator in the top edge of the screen

- 12/24 h support

- Move the time to the other side by tapping it

- Realtime heart rate with color coding for heart rate zones

More features might come in later versions.


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