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Tom Slemko
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the Fitbit mobile app
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Practice learning basic Blackjack strategy using random generated hands. The strategy is based on a 6-8 card shoe. Learn to hit, stand, double or spit with any hand. Basic strategy will help you get close to even with the house advantage, but couple this with a good betting strategy. You need to commit this strategy to memory, and the best way to do that is practice, practice and more practice, until it is second nature.

The app starts with a deal. Click the center of your hand to get another deal. Tap Hit, Stand, Double or Split, and see if you did it correctly. Tap the dealers hidden card to peek, but this doesn't change the strategy! Tap the strategy (center) window to see the next card(s) that would be dealt. Swipe left for help files and charts showing strategy in graphic format.

This is not a blackjack playing app, just a practice app. It does not require the phone to be played. You can practice discreetly using only your watch.

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